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October 1987
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Outlawed and banned from
participating in elections.


SHP (Social Democrat
Populist Party),
led by Erdal Inönü.
1986 score: % 22.7

DSP (Democrat
Left Party)
led by Bülent Ecevit.
1986 score: % 8.5

ANAP (Motherland
Party), in power,
led by Turgut Özal.
1986 score: % 32.1

DYP (Correct
Way Party), led by
Süleyman Demirel.
1986 score: % 23.5

RP (Welfare Party),
Islamist, led by
Necmeddin Erbakan.
1986 score: % 5.55

IDP (Reformist
Democracy Party),
led by Aykut Edibali.
1986 score: % 0.6

MCP (Nationalist
Labour Party),
neo-fascist, led
by Alparslan Türkes.
1986 score: % 2.2

        It is irrevocable: The early legislative elections are to be held on November 29, 1987 with the participation of seven political parties. After the Constitutional Court annulled the procedure of the designation of party candidates, the opposition parties, with a view of gaining more time, resorted to all parliamentary tactics to keep the early elections from occurring until a later time in 1988, but the absolute majority of the Motherland Party (ANAP) in power, following the directive of Premier Turgut Özal, decided to call electors to the polls at the end of this month.
        Seven political parties participate in this elections: While five right-wing parties are running for obtaining the votes of conservative electors, two left-wing parties are competing with each other for obtaining the support of the mass of anti-establishment voters.
        Different from the 1983 elections, this time all of the four former political leaders, Demirel, Ecevit, Erbakan and Türkes, thanks to the lifting of the ban on their political activities at the referendum held on 6 September, are at the head of their new political parties and run for parliamentary seats.
        Of the five right-wing parties the two, the ANAP and the Correct Way Party (DYP), led by former Premier Süley-man Demirel, claim to be the true champion of a policy liberal in economic field, but conservative in the field of human rights and freedoms. In this quarrel, while the ANAP is addressing rather to the young generations and to the urban people, the DYP, pretending to be the only heir of the Justice Party (AP), pre-coup government party dissolved after the coup 1980 by the military, looks for the support of the voters of its predecessor.
        The neo-fascist movement is represented in this elections by the Nationalist Labour Party (MCP), heir of the defunct Nationalist Action Party (MHP). Ex-colonel Alparslan Türkes, chief of the latter and main responsible for the pre-coup political violence, is again at the head of the new neo-fascist party.
        As for the islamist electorate, their votes are claimed by two political parties: the Welfare Party (RP), heir of the defunct National Salvation Party (MSP) and a minor grouping, the Reformist Democracy Party (IDP). While the RP is led by former vice-premier Necmeddin Erbakan, champion of the politicization of Islam in Turkey, the leader of the other, Aykut Edibali is not yet so renown.  
        On the left, the Social Democrat Populist Party (SHP) of Erdal Inönü, son of the second President of the Republic, and the Democratic Left Party (DSP) of former social-democrat premier Bülent Ecevit compete for drawing to their sides the votes of the defunct Republican People's Party (CHP) members as well as the socialists who cannot be represented in these elections by their own parties. In fact, contrary to the European democratic norms, neither working class nor Kurdish community parties can participate in these elections, for a simple reason that the Political Parties Code as well as the Penal Code do not allow to set up political parties on the social class or community basis. Therefore, as were in 1983, the elections of 29 November 1987 cannot be considered free elections compatible with the criteria of European pluralist democracy.


        Outlawed since its foundation in 1921, the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP), has taken a series of steps with a view to obtaining legal status in Turkey and taking part in Turkish daily politics.
        Just at the beginning of the electoral campaign, the TKP, annexing the Workers' Party of Turkey (TIP),  one of the legal socialist parties the pre-coup period, has announced that it would change its name into the United Communist Party of Turkey (TBKP) and adopt a new programme open to a collaboration not only with social-democrat parties, but also with center-right parties like the DYP or islamist parties such as the RP.
        After the announcement of this new ouverture, the death of Mrs. Behice Boran, 77, chairwoman of the annexed TIP, has given the TKP the possibility of widespreading its request of being legalized. Boran, a distinguished figure of the Turkish socialist movement, had been deprived of citizenship and living as refugee in Belgium since 1981. After her party's joining the TKP, she would be honorary president of the future TBKP.
        With a view to obtaining the sympathy of left-wing voters prior to the early elections, Özal's Government made a gesture and allowed Boran's friends to bring her remains to Turkey and to hold a ceremony at the Grand National Assembly of which she had been member in 1965-69. Encouraged by this gesture, the officials of the TKP and the TIP have announced that they had the intention to go to Turkey before the elections and to fulfill necessary formalities for legally founding the TBKP.
        These steps have given rise to different reactions. While some of the ANAP officials say that the legislation does not allow to legalize a communist party and that its leaders would be arrested in the case of coming to Turkey, Özal and some others say that the question would be examined after the elections.
        As for the other outlawed left-wing parties, they accuse the TKP and the TIP of making a compromise with the government so as to give it the opportunity of claiming to have instituted full democracy in the country by legalizing only one of the outlawed left-wing parties while anti-democratic legislation remains in force and prisons are full of political detainees.   
        Apart from the TKP and the TIP, there are about twenty underground Marxist and Kurdish parties in Turkey and many of them do not share the TBKP's political line and programme. Though some of them are also pro-Soviet like the TKP and the TIP, the communist parties of the socialist world consider only these two as "brother parties". Marking the privilege of the TBKP, the Communist Party of the Soviet Union has invited only the general secretaries of the TKP and the TIP to Moscow for the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the October Revolution.

        If the government's unrespect to fundamental human rights and freedoms has the priority in the electoral quarrel, the opposition parties challenge also Özal's economic policies which have given rise to unemployment, social injustice and foreign debts.
        Although Özal, in his electoral campaign, claims that Turkey's economic performance has attained to an unprecedented level during his 4-year rule, the statistical data are very far from confirming this assertion.
        Özal's policy of export-led growth has quadrupled overseas sales to 8 billion dollars since 1980. The share of industrial products in total exports has risen from 30 to 75 per cent, while the country scored its highest growth rate, 8 per cent, last year. Özal's opponents, however, say the rapid rise in exports resulted from government curbs on domestic demand and the payment of high incentive premiums, which at times reached % 50 to 60 of the export value of some goods.
        A large inflow of credits from western countries and banks also helped to boost economic growth. However, Özal's appeal for foreign investment -citing, among other benefits, low labour costs- has given rise to growing criticisms in the labour movement. In fact, wages have increased nominally, but workers' real purchasing power has dramatically dropped  (See: Info-Türk, September 1987).
        What is more, according to official figures, unemployment has been hovering around 20 per cent since 1983, but real figure is estimated to be much higher.
        The most alarming fact is the skyrocketing foreign debts. According to a report drawn up by the Council for Treasury and Foreign Trade, the sum of Turkey's foreign debts climbed to $ 33,125 million in July 1987, while it was $ 17,619 million in 1982.

CREDITORS                                        1982             1987

Middle and long term debts                15,855         25,568

        International organizations          4,531         6,631
        Bilateral agreements                        7,115         10,922
        Commercial banks                            3,229            4,724
        Private creditors                                    980            3,298

Short term creditors                                 1,764           7,577

TOTAL                                                        17,619         33,145

        According to another survey, published by the daily Cumhuriyet of April 23, 1987, Turkey will have to pay 14,823 million dollars of her foreign debt within five years.
        The pressure of debt servicing is reflected in the large budget deficit: 999 million dollars in the first five months of 1987. The government is using domestic borrowing to cover the deficit. In the same five months it issued 2.6 billion dollars in bonds, more than half with maturities of less than six months.
        As a result, inflation is again increasing, after failing to 30 per cent over the past three years. Consumer prices rose by more than 37 per cent in the 12 months to July.

        A 20-year old student of graphic art when he was arrested on 29 March 1980 accused of involvement in the terrorist activities of the Revolutionary left-wing organization Dev-Sol, Nevzat Celik has spent the last seven-and-a-half years in prison, awaiting a trial which will arraign several hundred members of the organization and the outcome of which could be a death penalty. Celik has always denied involvement in terrorism.
        While in prison, Celik started writing poetry, and he has now had two volumes of verse published in Istanbul. The first volume, Safak Türküsü (Dawn Song) has appeared in six editions; his second collection, Müebbet Türküsü (Lifer's Song) came out in May this year. In June he was awarded the "Persecuted Poet" prize at the International Poetry Festival in Rotterdam.
        Nevzat Celik was born in Sinop (northern Turkey) in 1960, the son of illiterate workers who moved to Istanbul when Nevzat was a small boy. He was brought up in the ghettos of the Turkish capital.
        When his first collection of poems became a best-seller, the prison authorities asked him to write poems in support of the official ideology, but Nevzat refused. Since then, his mail has been stopped and he has not received letters from friends and family. In April this year he went on a hunger strike in protest. After 22 days his gums swelled and he was in danger of losing his teeth, as well as suffering from stomach cramps. He has since been sent to hospital and had an operation on his gums, his general health being fair although his teeth are still not in a good condition.
        His lawyers requested on 3 August that he be released and the case against him dropped, but their request was turned down by the authorities.
        Nevzat Celik was recently adopted as an honorary member of the US Pen Club. Unlike mail from his family and friends, the letter sent by the Pen Club in New-york, which also contained his membership card, has been delivered to Celik in prison.


In one hand my death sentence
in on hand my love
clenching my hands together
            I walked
one night time
the dirty yellow light of the street lamps
and well-known eyes of darkness
            following me
at the bottom of the walls the workers'
footsteps leave tracks on their way home
in an apprehensive fearful flow
and in the freezing evenings
the snatching of children from the arms
of the women at the doors
the city's arterial streets
are deserted
blood's deserted them
soul's deserted them
the arterial roads of the city don't carry through
this city is Istanbul
seven curved daggers on seven curved peaks
cannot be brandished on every wind
does not smile easy
mourning envelops the skirts of its hills
and Istanbul city's
rollicking songs contain lies
what makes me wander step by step
along the streets of the city
do I want to be alone
or to mix into the crowd?

or perhaps not
but what use is it to deny
it's definitely you I'm searching for
you the young mother of resistance
you the black of my eyes
while ready to break the forbidden
and before weaving the shame of crying into my eyes
like children in pain
putting my head on your breast
pouring out my heart
I want to cry
I want to cry
to cry

        March 1982


        The Court of Peace No.4 of Istanbul, conforming to the prosecutor's request, decided on October 15, 1987, that all copies of Dr. Haydar Dümen's work, "Sexual Culture", confiscated earlier, should be destroyed on grounds that its contents are immoral and provoke sexual desires.
        According to the daily Cumhuriyet of September 28, 1987, since the adoption of the Law on Protection of Minors against Harmful Publications, within a 18-month period, the number of the indictments against printed media has risen by 65 percent. In 124 different cases 200 editors, journalists or writers have been brought before the Court of Istanbul of First Instance.


        Police arrested on October 3, 1987, the President of the Turkish Writers' Union Mehmet Dogan for having placed a black wreath in front of the Tunisian Embassy in Ankara in protest against the condemnation philosophy professor Rachid Gannushi. Along with him have also been taken under custody a lawyer and another member of the union.

From the September 1980 Coup to the November 1987 Elections


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Interdiction of a Kemalist newspaper by the Kemalist Junta (49/4), How was Editor Ilhan Erdost murdered under torture (50/1), Repression on intellectuals in Turkey (56/2), A right-wing daily also suspended (60/3), Besikci condemned to 10 years (66/5), Arrested for a map, ban on publications (66/5), Quarrel of sensational press (67/6), Turkish journalists banned to participate in congress (68/6), Brecht's work confiscated (68/6), Editor Erdost's trial (73/6), 18 writers indicted (74/7), A general to the TV (75/7), Control on film shooting (77/7), Actor banned to travel abroad (77/7), New press code (78/6), Strict control on films (78/6), New condemnation to Güney (78/6), Aziz Nesin indicted for his novel published 20 years ago (78/6), Journalist Nadi condemned (79/6), New Press Law (81-82/6), UPI correspondent beaten up (81-82/6), Press under censorship (83/6), New Press Law adopted (84/6),New press law ratified (85/5), Aziz Nesin paralyzed (86/6), Fact finding mission of the IFJ (86/6), 7 actors dismissed (87/6), Book-printing paralyzed (87/6), A TV-film burnt up (87/6), Solidarity with journalist Imset (87/6), Nazim Hikmet wanted! (88/7), 18,000 books under arrest (88/7), Journalists questioned (89/6), Film showing banned (89/6), Yilmaz Güney target of pressure (89/7), Initiative by the intellectuals (91/6), IFJ letter to Ozal (91/7), General Evren's response to the Council of Europe: Witch-Hunt (92/1), Complete text of Intellectuals' petition (92/2), A singer condemned (92/7), Data on press trials (92/7), 56 intellectuals charged (93-94/4), Data on the oppression of the press (93-94/4), Solidarity of the IFJ(93-94/5), Ecevit interview suspended (93-94/5), 937 films banned (93-94/5), Trial of 56 intellectuals (95/7), Ismet Imset drafted (97/8), Brain drain (99/7), 19 writers acquitted (100/6), Company "non grata" (100/6), Ismail Besikci's ordeal (100/6), Press still under censorship (101/5), Pen Club: "Torture continues" (101/8), Darwin blacklisted (103/3), Ban on singer Ruhi Su (103/4), Aziz Nesin's banned defence a-gainst the Turkish regime (105-106/1), Report of PEN International on  Turkey (105-106/7), 133,607 books destroyed (105-106/7), Folk singer Ruhi Su also fell victim to the state terror (107/1),  Ordeal of Aziz Nesin (107/1), New proceedings against six doctors (110/5), Destruction of 133,607 books (110/6), 313 press cases within last two years (111/8), Death of a renown lawyer (113/7), The trials of Ismail Besikci (113/7), A new censor law (113/7), 3,000 years in prison for 27 journalists (113/8), Pressure on Ekin-Bilar (113/9), Petition from 474 lawyers (114/8), Hunt for "harmful" publication (116/6), Aziz Nesin's ordeal (117-118/6), A 79-year old lawyer sentenced (119/7), Two academicians sentenced (119/7), Pursuit against a humorist review (119/7), A journalist sentenced to hunger (119/7), Indictment of artists. A new petition of Turkish intellectuals: "Bread and Rights" (119/8), Seven doctors before tribunal (120/4), Turkish Journalists' Congress (120/6), List of ban-ned publications (120/6), A film banned on Turkish TV (121/6), Indictment of a popular singer for Kurdish ballads (124/2), Book-hunting in Turkey (124/6), 57 publications declared "harmful"  (124/6), Doubtful fire in a theater hall (124/6), Nesin's legal act a-gainst General Evren (124/7), Turkish pacifists condemned again (127/4), New petition of intellectuals "on rights and bread" (127/7), 3500 books confiscated (128/6), Dr. Ismail Besikci released (128/6), Ban on anti-nuclear doctors (128/6), Awards to the poet in jail (129-130/5), Obstacle to Language Association (129-130/5), A novel to be destroyed (129-130/5), Four journalists condemned (129-130/5), No passport to Tarik Akan (129-130/6), Ban on a Kurdish singer (129-130/6), A magazine confiscated for publishing Atatürk's words on Kurds (131/6), A French guide accused of separatism (131/6), Eight journalists indicted (131/7). Also other news on the repression of intellectual life in 48/5, 54/2, 59/1, 60/9, 61/6, 62/9, 63/7, 64/7, 65/5, 66/5, 67/6, 68/5, 69-70/7, 71/2, 71/5, 72/6, 72/7, 73/7, 74/7, 75/6, 75/7, 76/4, 77/6, 77/6, 78/6, 79/6, 80/5, 81-82/7, 84/5, 85/7, 86/6, 87/6, 88/7, 90/6, 91/7, 92/7, 93-94/1, 93-94/5, 95/3, 95/7, 96/8, 97/8, 99/6, 101/1, 101/6, 101/7, 103/4, 104/8, 105-106/7, 105-106/7, 107/8, 108/8, 110/6, 113/7, 113/8, 114/8, 117-118/1, 117-118/4, 117-118/6, 119/7,120/6, 121/5, 121/4, 121/5, 122/8, 123/8, 127/7, 128/6, 129-130/5, 131/7.


Repression on cultural life and universities (63/7), A new menace to universities (67/6), 242 teachers tried 69-70/5),Troubled universities (75/7), Judgement on Töb-Der ratified (77/4), Liquidation at the universities (77/6), Pressure on teachers (77/6), University dismembered (78/6), The Army to set up universities (79/7), Liquidation at universities (80/7), (81-82/7), Clamp down on the universities (83/6), A general at the academic council (85/7), Purges at universities (85/8), (86/7), (87/6), (88/8), (91/7), (93-94/5), (105-106/8), New scientific policy (87/6), 104 teachers wanted (91/7), 45 teachers condemned (92/7), A professor dismissed (92/7), Disciplinary measures (100/6), 21 teachers condemned (100/7), Barracks like discipline in universities (101/5), Youth un-der pressure (103/3), Ordeal of students (105-106/8), Ordeal of university professors (107/7), Malaise in the universities (116/6), Students' protest actions (120/6), Students' actions grow (121/6), Education in figures (121/6), Arrests at universities (122/8), New arrests at universities (123/8), Mass resistance of university students (127/3), Indoctrination in universities (128/5), Student actions and arrests (128/6), Dismissal of a senior teacher (129-130/6), Universities and totalitarianism (129-130/6), Warlike school books (131/7).


National repression in the Kurdistan of Turkey (54/7), The oppression of the Kurdish language and literature (57-58/8), Dr. Ismail Besikci again in prison (64/6), Practices of national repression (64/6), Besikci condemned to 10 years (66/5), Kurdish Institute opened in Paris (77/4), Turkish Junta's expansionist policy (80/7), Oppression of nationalities (84/6), Motion on Armenian Question (84/6), Kurdish prisoners dead (87/7), The case of a Kurdish publisher (88/7), Ideological conditioning in Diyarbakir (93-94/7), Combing operations in Kurdistan (95/6), Turkish Army in Kurdistan: At Deadlock (96/6), Ismail Besikci's ordeal (100/6), The Times' report on Kotan (102/8), Guerilla warfare in Eastern Turkey" (104/6), Toll of the operation in Kurdistan (107/6), The Turkish General Staff lies..." (107/7), Deportation in the Eastern Turkey (111/6), The trials of Ismail Besikci (113/7), Military terrorism in the East (114/7), Bombardment of Iraqi territories by Turkish phantoms (117-118/3), Scenario of the possible Turkish occupation of Iraqi oil-fields (120/1), Linguistic discrimination in Turkey (120/5),Turkish fighters bombed innocent Kurdish peasants (124/1), Deportation of Kurdish peasants (124/2), Trial of a popular singer for singing Kurdish ballads (124/2), Motion on the oppression of Kurds (126/7), New phase in the Kurdish guerilla (127/4), All people of a village beaten up (128/5), Dr. Ismail Besikci released (128/6), Super-governor to the Turkish Kurdistan (129-130/1), New discrimination against Kurds (129-130/5), Ban on a Kurdish singer (129-130/6), Europe's Armenian Resolution and Ankara's counter-attack (129-130/7), A magazine confiscated for publishing Atatürk's words on Kurds (131/6), Army's setback in Kurdistan (131/6), A French guide accused of separatism (131/6), Demolition of Christian edifices (131/6). Also other news on national repression in 65/5, 71/3, 83/7, 87/7, 102/6, 105-106/5, 117-118/1, 119/5, 119/6, 120/3, 121/3, 124/2, 127/3, 128/4, 128/5.


Pressures on immigrant workers (49/7), Answer of the socialist leader to the fascist junta (51/1), New measure of intimidation: depriving of nationality (51/3), An international answer to the threats of the military junta (52/1), Behice Boran's letter to the Council of Europe (53/3), General Evren's provocations (53/4), New measures for abroad (66/5), Distress of political refugees (66/6), Slanders against Demirag-Yurdatapan (66/6), Award to Güney, blow to the Junta (68/5), Two Info-Türk editors deprived of Turkish passports (68/6), Political murder in Holland (73/7), Güney stripped of citizenship (73/7), Turkish Junta summoned two editors of Info-Türk (74/6), Demand for extradition of Yilmaz Güney (76/5), Actress dismissed (76/5), Case against Demirag (76/5),  Ban on the travel of 400,000 persons (76/5), FRG drives back refugees (76/5), Actor banned to travel abroad (77/7), Computers on borders (78/4), New condemnation to Güney (78/6), Extraditions from the FRG (78/7), Awful situation of refugees (79/8), Folk singer threatened of nationality deprival (79/8), Two editors of Info-Türk deprived of Turkish nationality (81-82/7), Case of Cemal Kemal Altun (81-82/7), Altun's tragic death (84/6), Pressure on the teachers abroad (86/7), Trial of Turks in Köln (89/6), Asylum for Cemal Altun (89/7), 19 Turks summoned to surrender (89/7), Yilmaz Güney target of pressure (89/7), 19 deprived of Turkish nationality (90/6), Dev-Sol militants condemned (91/7), Turkish refugees in Holland (91/8), 87 refugees deported from Berlin (91/8), Yilmaz Güney is dead, his struggle continues (95/3), Turkish Immigration in cross-fire (97/1), Pressure of the Turkish regime on Turkish migrants (97/4), Censorship in Australia (102/7), Blatant distortion by Turkish ambassador (102/7), 34 deprived of Turkish nationality (105-106/8), Ban on travels abroad (108/8), 27 opponents abroad summoned (108/8), Violation of the right to political asylum (110/7), 338 Turks abroad being sought (110/7), 11,598 Turkish citizens deprived of Turkish nationality (117-118/7), Anti-refugee measures (120/9), A writer stripped of nationality (121/5), Declaration of refugees from Turkey (121/7), 13,788 deprived of nationality (127/7), 1,683,000 labelled "suspect" (127/7), A former prisoner died in FRG (127/8), Declaration of political exiles on their deprivation of citizenship (131/1), A Turkish producer of the Dutch TV detained in Turkey (131/7). Also other news on pressures a-broad in 61/7, 63/6, 64/7, 65/8, 66/8, 68/5, 69-70/7, 71/7, 77/4, 77/7, 78/2, 78/7, 80/8, 81-82/3, 83/8, 84/7, 85/8, 86/7, 86/7, 89/6, 90/7, 92/7, 93-94/1, 101/1, 101/5, 102/8, 107/8, 107/9, 114/1, 116/7, 117-118/1, 119/4, 120/9, 127/8.


Military escalation (47/4), OYAK and Military-industrial complex (47/7), Behind the political violence is the Army! (47/11), Internal settlings of the Army (57-58/3), Golden years of the military-industrial complex in Turkey (68/1), 6 Army officers arrested (69-70/5), Land Forces Foundation (76/2), Military swallows savings (77/3), Army's car production up (77/3), The Army to set up universities (79/7), War industry (89/8), Military put under arrest (93-94/5), Crazy arms race in Turkey (98/1), Disclosures about the counter-guerilla organization (98/4), Turkish Armed Forces (98/5-7), Turkey, a nuclear power? (98/8), Bribery concerning F-16 purchases (107/4), Profits of the Army Holding (OYAK) (107/5), Turkey's war industry grows (126/6), Real truth of the changes in the Army (129-130/3). Also other news on the Armed Forces in 47/1, 47/5, 48/1, 48/5, 54/5, 78/8, 79/1, 80/7, 84/5, 85/5, 95/4, 98/2, 107/5.


Programme of monopoly capital (47/7), Turkey in Figures (47/16), Capitalists of Turkey had asked that (48/3), Monopolization accelerated (66/6),  Encouragement of foreign capital (66/7), Golden year of monopolies (57/7), Foreign debts - foreign bankers in Turkey (57/8), Golden years of the military-industrial complex in Turkey (68/1),  Collapse of banker Kastelli (69-70/8), Economic depression (71/5), Foreign capital (75/7),  Free zones in Turkey (76/2), Recession and unemployment (77/1), Capital concentration accelerated, social gap widened (77/2), Military swallows savings (77/3), Employers satisfied (78/4),  Chicago boys at the head of the Turkish economy (86/1), Freedoms or Chiquita bananas (88/1), What about foreign capital (88/3), State enterprises for sale (89/8),  War industry (89/8), Towards the failure of monetarist policies in Turkey (96/1),  Foreign investments in Turkey (96/5), Competition between businessmen and brothel-keepers (104/4),  Turkey's richest men (104/4), Islamic banks in Turkey (104/5), Fabulous profits of banks (104/5), Turkish contractors abroad (104/5), Turkey's debts increase (107/3), Foreign capital drops in 1985 (107/4), Accord for nuke plant in Turkey (107/4), Grand socio-economic gap between Turkey and the EEC (122/5), Turkey and the European Communities in figures (126/4), Foreign ca-pital inflow (126/6), Fundamentalism dominates the business (128/3). Also other news on the economic life in 64/8, 65/6, 66/7, 67/7, 71/7, 76/2, 77/3, 78/8, 80/7, 88/3, 98/1, 98/2, 98/5-7, 104/5, 107/4-5.


Programme of monopoly capital (47/7), Reactions by the ETUC, the WCL and the ICFTU (47/13), Liquidation of progressive trade unions (49/6), Leaders of the DISK under torture (51/5), The ETUC and the WCL protest against the terror of the military junta (52/3), Let's burst the chains of the 1st May in Turkey (54/1), ICFTU accuses the Turkish Junta of violating human rights (54/5), Trial against DISK and President Bastürk's speech at court (55/4), 52 death sentences for the DISK leaders (62/6), We wish to finish with DISK" (66/3), Unemployment aggravated (66/6), Arrested worker loses his work (66/6), Consumption of protein falls (66/6), 25 thousand persons live in basements (66/6), DISK Trial restarted (67/4), A new mass trials for workers (67/4), Irregularities at the interrogation of Bastürk (68/4), Man-hunting on 1st of May (68/4), Turk-Is Congress: obeisance to the Junta (68/6), Bastürk: "I was beaten during interrogation" (69-70/5), 6 trade unionists arrested (69-70/5), 85 workers condemned (69-70/5), New demands of capital punishment in DISK Trial (72/6), New cases against workers (73/6), Alarm-cry of a trade unionist in the shade of the gallows (74/1), Abdullah Bastürk (biography) (74/1), Submission of the Turk-Is (74/7), Recession and unemployment (77/1), Capital concentration accelerated, social gap widened (77/2), 500 unionists prosecuted (77/5), ILO accused Turkey (77/5), ICFTU criticizes labour laws (78/3), Employers satisfied (78/4), Mine disaster death toll over 100 (78/4), Workers registered (78/4), SSC Law adopted (78/4), New Labour legislation (79/3), ICFTU restores Turk-Is membership (80/6), Oppression of the working class (83/7), Working class in anger (88/4), Full list of DISK trials (89/4), Controversy on wages (89/7), A new blow on trade unions (89/8), Prostitution wide-spread (89/8), Abortion legalized (89/8), 1,645 trade-unionists on trial (91/5), ICFTU recommendation (92/7), DISK defendants: 474 (93-94/7), DISK leaders released (95/7), DISK Trial: 896 defendants (96/7), ILO Warning (97/7), DISK becomes member of the ETUC (99/1), Trade union freedom on paper (101/4), WCL behind the DISK (102/6), ICFTU addressing the Council of Europe (102/7), More restrictions on trade union rights (103/4), Impoverishment of workers (103/5), Porter commits suicide (103/6), 621 workers condemned (104/7), Özal's slanders against DISK (105-106/6), Controversy on the minimum wage (107/2), Prosecution of workers (107/4), ILO's warning to Turkey (107/4), Reaction of the ETUC (110/2), Prosecution of DISK and the pacifists (110/5), Final phase of the trial against DISK (111/7), Workers' rising resistance (112/1), DISK Chairman Bastürk's defence (112/2), European solidarity with DISK (112/6), ILO Concession (116/4), Terror on the First of May (116/5), 2nd workers' demonstration (116/5), Indictment of trade unionists (116/5), American solidarity with DISK (120/6), On the position of Jef Houthuys in the ILO (120/7), Trial DISK: 264 unionist condemn-ed (122/1), Uneasiness within Turk-Is (122/3), Action of mass strikes (122/3), European trade union movement's solidarity with DISK (123/6), Exemplary solidarity of European trade unions with DISK (124/7), Restriction of workers' strikes (124/8), ILO and the Turkish regime (125/4), Growing workers' strikes (127/2), A workers' rally prevented (127/2), Protest through self-immolation (127/3), May Day celebrated under pressure (128/5), ILO accuses Turkish Government (129-130/6), Hearing at the Council of Europe on Turkey (131/7), ILO's warning to Turkish Government (131/8). Also other news on Labour and Social Life in 47/9, 48/3, 61/8, 63/7, 64/7, 65/5, 66/6, 67/7, 71/3, 71/7, 75/5, 75/7, 78/5, 79/5, 80/7, 88/6, 92/6, 131/8.


Turkish Immigrant Workers' answer to General Evren (47/9), Pressures on immigrant workers (49/1), Suicide of an immigrant worker (63/8), New measures for abroad (66/5), Suicide of a Turkish worker (68/6), Immigration: Suicides of Turkish girls (68/8), Suicides and killing of the Turkish migrants (69-70/8), Racist attacks on Turkish workers (74/8), The Belgian-Migrant Demonstration on May 8 (78/7), Info-Türk's exhibition of cartoons on the immigration (80/2), Sending back Home the Turkish Migrants (84/8), Elections and Immigrants (84/8), Hansens Decree (84/8), Slavery in West-Germany (84/8), Suicides and aggressions (84/8), Disguised deportation" bill passed (85/8), A survey pertaining to the mass return of immigrants (85/8), Right of voting to go ahead (85/8), Neo-nazis in the stadium (85/8), Extradition of Turks (86/7), Gol Draft Bill opposed (86/8), Racist acts and anti-racist movement (87/8), Immigrants' Charter (92/8), Turkish concession on immigration (95/2), Turkish Immigration in crossfire (97/1), A political fiction scenario (97/3), Turks dead in West-German prisons (97/4), Pressure of the Turkish regime on Turkish migrants (97/4), Immigrants on their way back (97/5), Statistical data on Turkish migrants (97/6), Acts of racism in Europe (99/7), Refusal of registration (99/7), Alien repatriation pay (99/8), Anti-immigrant measures (103/6), Right to vote for immigrants (104/8), Savings of Turkish immigrants (104/8), New Turkish immigrants (104/8), Number of Turkish migrants (107/8), Political choices of Turkish workers (107/8), Turkish youth in Belgian army (104/8), Campaign against visa requirement (110/7), Right to vote for immigrants (110/7), Socio-cultural actions of the Sun Workshops (110/8), Permanent activities of the Sun Workshops (110/8), Political rights to immigrants (116/8), Racism during the strike (116/8), Curfew in Schaerbeek (116/8), Restriction of the right to asylum in Belgium (117-118/7), Free movement of workers from Turkey? Going, going, gone! (121/1), Political integration of Turks (121/7), Turkish immigrants in Belgium (121/7), Recent statistical data on Turkish immigration (121/8), The setting up of the Rabitat in Belgium (125/7), The Rabitat and Turkish migrants (125/9), No political rights, no removing organs!" (126/8), A teacher of the Sun Workshops attacked by racists (128/4). Also other news on immigration in 51/3, 53/4, 61/7, 61/40, 63/6, 64/7, 65/8, 66/8, 71/6, 72/7, 74/8, 75/8, 76/8, 79/7, 80/8, 81-82/8, 86/8, 87/7, 88/8, 90/8, 91/8, 97/3, 100/7, 103/7, 103/8, 104/8, 105-106/8, 107/9, 108/8, 110/8, 117-118/6, 120/9, 121/7, 126/8.


A provocation of the international fascist movement (Attempt upon the Pope) (55/1), The accomplices of the Turkish fascist movement in Europe (55/2), Liberation of fascist politicians (63/3), I supplied Arms to Grey Wolves" (64/4), Fascist leaders released (69-70/4), Rising of racism (78/3), Fascists released (79/6, 88/5), New case against Agca (89/7), Fascist union reopened (92/6), Fascists to key posts (95/8), Assaulted by Grey Wolves (100/7), New disclosures about Agca (100/7), Tracing the Grey Wolves in Europe (104/1), New grouping of rightist association (104/3), Turkish Islamic Foundation (104/3), Bekir Celenk's death in prison (108/8), About fundamentalism in Turkey (115/1), Fundamentalism" in immigration (115/4), Grey Wolves" in Europe (115/5), The failure of the "CRI" initiative (115/6), The Grey Wolves against Walraff (117-118/6), Turkey under the hold of Saudi fundamentalism (125/1), The left-wing opposition accuses General Evren (125/3), Relations between the Islamists and the right-wing parties (125/6), The setting up of the Rabitat in Belgium (125/7), The Rabitat and Turkish migrants (125/9), Islamic fundamentalism and Europe (126/3), Condemnation" of Grey Wolves (127/5), Turco-islamic meetings (127/5), Fundamentalist violence in Turkey (128/1), Rabita's thanks to General Evren (128/3), Fundamentalism dominates the business (128/3), Chief Grey Wolf TÜrkes in Europe and reactions  (128/4).

First European reactions (47/13), A few remarks for European institutions on the violation of human rights (48/5), Appeal to European institutions (49/1), Resolution of the Council of Europe (51/3), An international answer to the threats of the military junta (52/1), European Parliament condemns the Turkish military regime (55/6), Decision of the Council of Europe (55/7), Belgian solidarity with the people of Turkey (55/7), Mission of Democratic Lawyers to Turkey (55/8), First European reaction a-gainst the dissolution of parties (60/3), Resolution of the Council of Europe (61/2), Turkish Junta hardens attitude to critics (62/2), Turkish regime condemned at the Council of Europe (64/1), Resolution of the European Parliament on Turkey (64/3), A new propaganda apparatus (64/3), Wrath of generals (66/1), Turkish Military Junta before the Human Rights Commission (69-70/6), European Parliament's resolution in favour of the junta (69-70/6), New Resolution of the Council of Europe on Turkey (72/8), Constitutional violation of human rights (De-jardin Report) (74/3), Europe refused to recede before the menace of the junta (75/2), Resolution of the Council of Europe (75/2), Forgery of the Junta's ambassador (75/4), European Parliament's call (76/5), Junta's answer to the Council of Europe (76/6), German support to the Junta (76/6), European Parliamentarians' criticisms on Turkey (76/7), The Junta does not allow to visit prisons (77/5), European Parliament on Turkey (77/8), Turkey at the United Nations (77/8), Motion for a resolution on the repression in Turkey (78/2), European Council and executions (79/6), Europe: No certificate of democracy for the coming parliament (84/4), CEDRI's alarm cry (86/5), European recoil before the blackmail of Turkish generals (87/1), CEDRI Report (87/7), Belgian deputies in Turkey (87/7), Turkish regime condemned at public hearing of European Parliament (90/1), Arrest of German Greens (90/7), Communiqué of BADL (90/7), Dutch position (90/7), March in support of prisoners (90/7), Swiss pressure (90/7), German aid to continue (90/8), Militarist "democracy" of generals integrated into the Council of Europe (91/1), General Evren's response to the Council of Europe: Witch-Hunt (92/1), German delegation rebuffed (92/7), The Resolution of European Parliament on Turkey (92/8), Dejardin-Elmquist Report on Di-yarbakir Prison (93-94/6), Turkish concession on immigration (95/2), Democrats denounce Turkish regime 4 years after the coup (95/8), European Parliament decision (96/8), Ankara regime angry with Europe (97/6),Protest at the European Parliament (99/8), EEC Investigation (99/8), Info-Türk at the French Television (99/8), Report to the European Commission of Human Rights (101/7), Contradictory attitudes of Europe towards the Turkish regime (102/1), Resolution of the Council of Europe (102/4), Resolution of the European Parliament (102/5), Failure at the Ministerial Council (102/5), Piet Dankert in Turkey (102/5), Turks of Bulgaria, Kurds of Turkey (102/6), Blatant distortion by Turkish ambassador (102/7), Lawyers rebuffed by Ambassador (102/8), General Evren's anger against the Council of Europe (103/3),Belgian and West-Ger-man leaders in Turkey (105-106/9), Socialists' conference on Turkey (105-106/9), At the European Parliament (105-106/10), European radicals expelled (107/7), European solidarity with intellectuals (107/9), European Parliament laid down five conditions (108/1), Appeal of 200 parliamentarians (108/5), At the Council of Europe (108/5), Friendly" settlement or support for the violation of human rights (110/1), Tension between Ankara and the EEC (110/3), European capitulation (113/1), Who represents Turkey in Switzerland? (113/2), Özal's visit to London (113/3), It is the Council of Europe's turn (113/4), Capitulation at the United Nations (113/4), Black Book on the Militarist "Democracy" in Turkey (114/1), The crowning of European capitulation (114/1), The Council of Europe's Resolution on Turkey (114/3), Turkey: The 13th member of the EEC? (114/4), Cheyssons' visit to Ankara (114/5), The European mini-session in Istanbul (116/2), Turkey on the road to accession (116/3), Reactions in the European Parliament (116/4), Swedish deputies' protest (116/4), Persona non grata (116/4), Info-Türk's press conference on the Black Book (119/4), Turkey-EEC relations (120/7), Free movement of workers from Turkey? Going, going, gone! (121/1), European Parliament remains firm vis-a-vis the Ankara regime (122/4), Grand socio-economic gap between Turkey and the EEC (122/5),  Turkish attempts for EEC adhesion (122/6), In Strasbourg a new show of the Turkish regime (123/1), Defeat at the European Parliament (123/2), Recognition of the right of individual complaint (123/2), Extravagances of the so-called president of the Council (123/4), The Council of Europe deceived again by Ankara (124/1), The Turkish regime acquitted by the European Commission (124/4), Turkish regime received into the antechamber of the European Communities (126/1), Application to WEU (126/2), Islamic fundamentalism and Europe (126/3), US Support for Turkish accession to the EEC (126/3), Turkey and the European Communities in figures (126/4), On the right to individual complaint (126/5), Motion on the oppression of Kurds (126/7), Turkish delegation's credentials contested at the Council of Europe (128/8), Group "Friends of Turkey" founded (129-130/6), Europe's Armenian Resolution and Ankara's counter-attack (120-130/7), Hearing at the Council of Europe on Turkey (131/7). Also other news on Turco-European relations in 48/3, 48/4, 48/10, 49/7, 52/6-7-8, 53/3-4, 61/9, 62/1-7, 63/8, 64/8, 65/6-7, 66/8, 67/8, 68/7, 69-70/7, 71/5, 72/8, 73/3-7-8, 75/8, 76/5-6, 76/6, 77/2-7, 78/3-8, 79/8, 80/6-8, 81-82/3, 85/4, 86/1-6-8, 87/6, 87/7, 88/3-6, 90/7, 91/7, 92/7, 93-94/4-5, 97/7, 99/1, 100/5, 101/1-8, 102/6-7-8, 105-106/2-7-10, 107/2-4-9, 108/4, 110/2, 111/4, 112/6, 113/4, 116/4, 124/7, 126/4-5, 129-130/3-6, 131/4-8.


Coup d'état of NATO (47/1), New steps for the stabilization of the region (48/4), Associated Press presents Özal (48/4), 1980 increases foreign capital investment fourfold (52/7), NATO comes to the Turkish Military Junta's help (56/1), Turkey's generals don't look like democrats (63/2), US Support to the Junta (66/7), Turkey-USA/NATO (808/8), The US Helsinki Watch Report (86/3), What about foreign capital (88/3), War industry (89/8), Protests and solidarity in the USA (90/7), "False alarm" in Turkish-Ame-rican relations (95/1), Facts revealed about the preparation of the military coup (95/4), Turco-American cooperation (98/2), Scandal at the US Embassy (105-106/10), Military pact revision with the USA (107/5), The growing US presence in Turkey (120/3), American solidarity with DISK (120/6), US Support for Turkish accession to the EEC (126/3), New concessions to the USA (126/5), Turkey on the nuclear front-line (126/6), Turkey's war industry grows (126/6). Also other news on Turco-USA relations in 53/8, 64/8, 65/7, 66/1, 66/7, 67/8, 68/7, 69-70/8, 71/5, 71/8, 73/3, 73/8, 75/8, 76/6, 77/2, 85/4, 98/1, 98/4, 98/8, 104/5, 107/3, 107/4, 113/4, 126/2, 126/6.


New steps for the stabilization of the region (48/2), Opening to the Middle East (66/Turkey-Socialist Countries (65/7), Turkey-Greece (76/6), Turkish Junta's expansionist policy (80/7), Turkey to colonize Northern Cyprus (80/8), Cyprus: a face-saving fait accompli (85/5), The background of the failure of Cyprus summit (99/1), Özal's apology to the Third World (100/1), Islamic banks in Turkey (104/5), Turkish contractors abroad (104/5), Operations in Kurdistan (105-106/5), Ouvertures towards the Third World (114/5), Bombardment of Iraqi territories by Turkish phantoms (117-118/3), A governmental gaffe (119/6), Scenario of the possible Turkish occupation of Iraqi oil-fields (120/1), Turkish aircrafts bombed innocent Kurdish peasants (124/1), Turkey under the hold of Saudi fundamentalism (125/1), Motion on the oppression of Kurds (126/7), Latest crisis in the Aegean Sea (126/7). Also other news on this subject in 64/8, 71/8, 75/8, 76/6, 80/8, 100/4, 102/6, 104/5, 104/6, 107/6, 108/8, 113/4, 119/5, 126/3, 127/3-5, 128/3.